Sunday, August 19, 2012

Who Believes in the Right God?

Though my quest to discover the most beautiful race is still in full swing, one disturbing question has been bothering me for quite some time, and it is, who's God is the right God?

There are so many different views on religion and the view that I am often bombarded with is the Christian view point. I was raised a Christian believing in all the Christian values, but as I grew older and began to think for myself, some Christian ideologies did not make any sense to me. And my understanding of the Christian faith became even more convoluted when I heard the "so-called " Christian believers  enforce their view point.  

" If you don't believe in the bible you are going to hell"

" You should not condone the homosexual lifestyle, it is a sin. Homosexuals choose to be that way" 

" Even if you aren't a Christian, God will appeal to you in your life and try and lead you to believe the Christian faith, it is up to you to accept it"

"The big bang theory is absurd and complete blasphemy" 

I cant even begin to tell you how many times I have heard these preposterous things.  Is that what religious leaders teach their followers? Is that why gay marriage is illegal in so many states in America ? If I came up to you and told you to change your faith, would you? Most wouldn't so why would we expect others to?  Is it someones fault if they don't believe in the same religion as you? And if not, why would they  be punished for that?  Why would individuals choose to be gay ? Doesn't science prove religion and religion prove science?! 

Isn't every religion and every type of God the right God!?
Stay posted for more on my theory on religion.
All that glitters, is not gold.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What is the most beautiful race?

Here is the preview of the video profiling my journey to discover the most beautiful race. Part 2 is to come. 

Dorm Haul 2012

I'm off to college check out what I'm taking along !

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our Journey To Find The Most "Beautiful" Race

Day 1:
One unmemorable day I caught myself in the midst of an argument with my peers. We argued what race was " the prettiest". As sophomoric as that sounds the replies and retorts I heard that day were quite shocking. Every person in that room  reported that the Caucasian or European race was in fact the most beautiful of them all. (Need I tell you that all races were present during this debate.)  I furrowed my brow and bravely refuted their statement. I claimed that the African American race was the prettiest. No one agreed. No one even mention the Asian/ Pacific Islander/ Middle Eastern races. No one mentioned the Spanish/Latin races. No one even mentioned the "Mixed" races. Why did my peers believe that the most  beautiful race was the Caucasian race? Could it be that the individuals that we "glamour- tize" in the media are in fact the race my peers saw as most pleasing?
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 Follow my journey to discover what truly is the most " beautiful " race.  Subsequent to this post will be videos of myself interviewing individuals of all demographics hearing their perceptions of universal beauty.
And  always remember.....All that glitters is not gold.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The World Full Of Glitter

I see the world full glitter. Glitter that enhances and glitter that destroys  beautiful art.  

What people don't know is glitter is a lie. It masks everything, creating an illusion that is false. 
People are like glitter and all that glitters is not gold.