Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our Journey To Find The Most "Beautiful" Race

Day 1:
One unmemorable day I caught myself in the midst of an argument with my peers. We argued what race was " the prettiest". As sophomoric as that sounds the replies and retorts I heard that day were quite shocking. Every person in that room  reported that the Caucasian or European race was in fact the most beautiful of them all. (Need I tell you that all races were present during this debate.)  I furrowed my brow and bravely refuted their statement. I claimed that the African American race was the prettiest. No one agreed. No one even mention the Asian/ Pacific Islander/ Middle Eastern races. No one mentioned the Spanish/Latin races. No one even mentioned the "Mixed" races. Why did my peers believe that the most  beautiful race was the Caucasian race? Could it be that the individuals that we "glamour- tize" in the media are in fact the race my peers saw as most pleasing?
 Picture from - newswire.amplicate.com
 Follow my journey to discover what truly is the most " beautiful " race.  Subsequent to this post will be videos of myself interviewing individuals of all demographics hearing their perceptions of universal beauty.
And  always remember.....All that glitters is not gold.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The World Full Of Glitter

I see the world full glitter. Glitter that enhances and glitter that destroys  beautiful art.  

What people don't know is glitter is a lie. It masks everything, creating an illusion that is false. 
People are like glitter and all that glitters is not gold.