Thursday, June 20, 2013

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All That Glitters is Not Gold. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Prostitution : Made Legal

Prostitution should be made legal.
Why, you may ask
Why not?

What good is it being illegal?
It is illegal and it still thrives.
There are 40 million prostitutes at work.
1 in 10 men have revealed to have purchased a prostitute.
22 countries have legalized and many of those countries are a tad better off than we are. ( US ) 
I see prostitution being illegal as a way of someone telling me what I can and cannot do with my own BODY.

If I choose to exploit my body  and receive payment, so be it! 

If prostitution was made legal I would not become a prostitute, my morals will not change and I feel like the same would go for many individuals. 

If prostitution was made legal

The government could REGULATE it.
With government involvement perhaps the transfer of STD's wont be as prominent in regards to prostitution.  
Such business acts could be done in a much safer environment and the government could tax it and obtain some type of revenue.  

In Greece prostitution is legal and prostitutes must have health check ups every 2 weeks.
In Iceland prostitution is legal if no 3rd party benefits. 
In Costa Rica prostitution is legal if the prostitute is at least 18 and has health benefits.

The government could also provide and enforce mental health expertise/counseling for women and men of the career allowing them to be aware of issues and the opportunity to find other means of employment if desired.

Prostitution is not something many choose to do with happiness, it is most often a result of lack of money and coercion( human trafficking ) 
Hopefully by not making prostitution such an underground business many women/men will also be helped out  of it easier. 
By opening it up we can see its skeleton and examine the nuts and bolts and perhaps improve the business for the benefit of everyone.

If it is legalized is has to be done RIGHT. Great care and planning must take place to ensure safety in terms of violence and abuse, health ,and fair treatment.
It can not be something done haphazardly and with no concern, but nonetheless it needs to be done.

I view prostitution very similar to cigarettes and alcohol. 
They ultimately serve no purpose or benefit  to man-kind ( aside from monetary gain )  and honestly just seek to harm. If those can be legal why can't my own body be too?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

If Money Didn't Matter

What would you do?
We all have dreams and aspirations in life, some of our dreams may equal stability and others may not. 
What would you being doing if money wasn't an issue? 
Would you still be studying what you are studying?
Would you still be working where you are working?
Would you still have the same trajectory that you have now?
I have many peers who aspire to be doctors or other prestigious occupations; I may self aspired in the same way. But when I ask these individuals why they have chosen their goal of being, say a doctor, the first response is the money.  Person after person stated the same idea, and that truly frightened me. I thought doctors aspired to help people? 
I don't want these people to be my doctor if they only cared about the money that went along with it. 
I want my physician to help me, because they truly want to. 
If doctors earned say $50,000, how many people would still want to be doctors?
The same goes for any occupation. If the career that you have selected for yourself made a quarter of what they make now, would you still do it?
If poop scoopers made six figures, how many of you would go be one?

I understand that in a realistic world money in fact does matter, but money should not be the sole  driving factor.

Find an area that you truly enjoy and find an occupations that goes  along with it. Everything else will come naturally and flow the way they were meant to. 

“And I finally realized that I was lying to myself. And I prayed that God would bless me and help me so that I may reach my goal, my destiny. For happiness isn't obtained through money but by doing what you love” 
- Anonymous 

Check out Alan Watts approach on money and dreams below...
Alan Watts - What if money didn't matter
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What my first semester of college taught me...

I expected to learn a lot in college, but I didn't expect to learn this life lesson.

All that glitters is not gold

I Sit and Look Out By Walt Whitman

 Sit and look out upon all the sorrows of the world, and upon all
oppression and shame;
I hear secret convulsive sobs from young men, at anguish with
themselves, remorseful after deeds done;
I see, in low life, the mother misused by her children, dying,
neglected, gaunt, desperate;
I see the wife misused by her husband--I see the treacherous seducer
of young women;
I mark the ranklings of jealousy and unrequited love, attempted to be
hid--I see these sights on the earth;
I see the workings of battle, pestilence, tyranny--I see martyrs and
I observe a famine at sea--I observe the sailors casting lots who
shall be kill'd, to preserve the lives of the rest;
I observe the slights and degradations cast by arrogant persons upon
laborers, the poor, and upon negroes, and the like;
All these--All the meanness and agony without end, I sitting, look
out upon,
See, hear, and am silent
- Walt Whittman 1900

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Religion and Science Go Hand in Hand

Pardon my absence, for life has gotten in the mix of things.  But I have now returned. 

The more I learn about science and religion the more I see how these two ideas go hand in hand. 
What religion says, science proves, and vice-versa; one just has to understand and get past the jargon each  subject contains. 
Because Christianity is the religion I am most familiar with, I will use it as my term of religion. 
The age old question is CREATION. 

That is usually the epitome of disagreement between the two topics. 

The bible says God created the earth, while science states the validity of the big bang theory. 
 Why can't God be the big bang theory?  
Why can't all that science proves be created by God? 
Why must it be one or the other?

The bible says God created the earth in seven days. While science said the earth got to this point through millions upon million of years. 

What is one day in God's eyes?
Could one day in God's eyes  possibly be millions of years in our eyes? 

The bible states God created the animals and then humans. Man was made from the earth.  

Science states that humans came about through evolution. 

If one day in God's time is millions of years in ours why can't the idea of evolution be plausible?
The bible did say animals were created first, just as science puts so. 
The bible says man came from dust. 
What is dust? What is soil? 

When animals die don't they 'become' the earth?

You may think that my view point holds to a very absurd level, but give it a chance. 

There are many things in the bible that were not meant to be taken literally. 
Some things were parables. 
Some things had no better way of being described during times in which the bible was written .
With that being said,  that does not mean what was said is false. 
Science just proves it terms of our day. 

"The more I learn about science the more I believe in God."


All that glitters is not gold.