Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Religion and Science Go Hand in Hand

Pardon my absence, for life has gotten in the mix of things.  But I have now returned. 

The more I learn about science and religion the more I see how these two ideas go hand in hand. 
What religion says, science proves, and vice-versa; one just has to understand and get past the jargon each  subject contains. 
Because Christianity is the religion I am most familiar with, I will use it as my term of religion. 
The age old question is CREATION. 

That is usually the epitome of disagreement between the two topics. 

The bible says God created the earth, while science states the validity of the big bang theory. 
 Why can't God be the big bang theory?  
Why can't all that science proves be created by God? 
Why must it be one or the other?

The bible says God created the earth in seven days. While science said the earth got to this point through millions upon million of years. 

What is one day in God's eyes?
Could one day in God's eyes  possibly be millions of years in our eyes? 

The bible states God created the animals and then humans. Man was made from the earth.  

Science states that humans came about through evolution. 

If one day in God's time is millions of years in ours why can't the idea of evolution be plausible?
The bible did say animals were created first, just as science puts so. 
The bible says man came from dust. 
What is dust? What is soil? 

When animals die don't they 'become' the earth?

You may think that my view point holds to a very absurd level, but give it a chance. 

There are many things in the bible that were not meant to be taken literally. 
Some things were parables. 
Some things had no better way of being described during times in which the bible was written .
With that being said,  that does not mean what was said is false. 
Science just proves it terms of our day. 

"The more I learn about science the more I believe in God."


All that glitters is not gold. 

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