The Devils Advocate?
Some consider my views to be atrocious, insulting and  ungodly but I believe my views to enlighten and express a  perhaps different stance about an issue.  This website is meant to "entertain thoughts" and not particularly meant to convert, change, manipulate etc. your ideas. 

If you have a different perspective, comment! State it and let those understand your reasoning. 
Through controversy and disagreement we can educate ourselves.

" It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought with accepting"
- Aristotle 

Why Controversy ?

Controversy is beautiful. 
Whether it be a type of scandal, political issue, or social opinion hearing a different side to something helps you grow and develop. 

This site is by no means meant to bash anyone or put down a specific group of individuals. 
This site is meant to express opinions on subjects where opinions differ. 
There of course is no one right answer, there is just a preference or opinion. 

Some views that are stated here may not be my personal opinion, they may be here for merely the controversy of it all.

Things with pure intentions may in fact be a gilded catastrophe. 

All That Glitters is Not Gold.

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