Thursday, January 10, 2013

If Money Didn't Matter

What would you do?
We all have dreams and aspirations in life, some of our dreams may equal stability and others may not. 
What would you being doing if money wasn't an issue? 
Would you still be studying what you are studying?
Would you still be working where you are working?
Would you still have the same trajectory that you have now?
I have many peers who aspire to be doctors or other prestigious occupations; I may self aspired in the same way. But when I ask these individuals why they have chosen their goal of being, say a doctor, the first response is the money.  Person after person stated the same idea, and that truly frightened me. I thought doctors aspired to help people? 
I don't want these people to be my doctor if they only cared about the money that went along with it. 
I want my physician to help me, because they truly want to. 
If doctors earned say $50,000, how many people would still want to be doctors?
The same goes for any occupation. If the career that you have selected for yourself made a quarter of what they make now, would you still do it?
If poop scoopers made six figures, how many of you would go be one?

I understand that in a realistic world money in fact does matter, but money should not be the sole  driving factor.

Find an area that you truly enjoy and find an occupations that goes  along with it. Everything else will come naturally and flow the way they were meant to. 

“And I finally realized that I was lying to myself. And I prayed that God would bless me and help me so that I may reach my goal, my destiny. For happiness isn't obtained through money but by doing what you love” 
- Anonymous 

Check out Alan Watts approach on money and dreams below...
Alan Watts - What if money didn't matter
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