Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our Journey To Find The Most "Beautiful" Race

Day 1:
One unmemorable day I caught myself in the midst of an argument with my peers. We argued what race was " the prettiest". As sophomoric as that sounds the replies and retorts I heard that day were quite shocking. Every person in that room  reported that the Caucasian or European race was in fact the most beautiful of them all. (Need I tell you that all races were present during this debate.)  I furrowed my brow and bravely refuted their statement. I claimed that the African American race was the prettiest. No one agreed. No one even mention the Asian/ Pacific Islander/ Middle Eastern races. No one mentioned the Spanish/Latin races. No one even mentioned the "Mixed" races. Why did my peers believe that the most  beautiful race was the Caucasian race? Could it be that the individuals that we "glamour- tize" in the media are in fact the race my peers saw as most pleasing?
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 Follow my journey to discover what truly is the most " beautiful " race.  Subsequent to this post will be videos of myself interviewing individuals of all demographics hearing their perceptions of universal beauty.
And  always remember.....All that glitters is not gold.


  1. interesting. no real feedback as of now but I am looking forward to seeing where you take this. I don't want to jump the gun with my comments just yet

  2. What happened to "everybody is beautiful"? Why must there be such a vain and aesthetic question that you're finding the answer to? There's no such thing as the most "beautiful" race because each individual has their own perceptions of what is and what is not glamorous. To find the answer to your question would just be finding out peoples' own idea of what they think is beautiful, which, to be honest, is a waste of time since everyone has their own opinion.

    And, if anything, Caucasians dominate the media. They are often the main people in numerous popular TV shows, ads, even the news. With all of the appearances in the media comes with an abundance of glorifying the image of the characters with makeup. It's no wonder that people actually answer with "Caucasians are the prettiest race" because that's mainly what people see!

    1. Well, first off I want to begin by mentioning that you have yet to see the final product and conclusion to this question, so lets not jump the gun just yet.

      What is "vain" and "aesthetic" is an opinion of the beholder.

      I do agree that Caucasians dominate the media and most likely distort our ideas and perceptions of beauty, but just because you see something all the time doesn't mean it holds beauty. Beauty is in the different, the unique,and in the exceptional.

      I would love for you to see the final product ( Video ) of this question and maybe, just in fact, your tone towards my journey will change.

    2. I may "have yet to see the final product and conclusion to this question", but I do not see how the result would be any different from what I outlined. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised to see a video of a bunch of high schoolers claiming that Caucasians are the most "beautiful", and then proceeding to support their claim with a simple yet ignorant "idk".

      Yes, vanity and aestheticism are what I attribute to your quest. I fail to see what else your journey could represent other than curiosity and perhaps jealousy.

      Something you may see all the time doesn't necessarily hold beauty, but I agree that beauty can be in the different, the unique, and the exceptional, however, only a mixture of those. Just because something is different, does not mean it is beautiful. Just because is unique, does not mean it is beautiful. The same holds for exceptionality. Beauty, again, all depends on the beholder. Alluding back to Caucasians in media, they may dominate the scene, but yes, if you see them all the time, it doesn't mean they are beautiful. However, there are the Caucasians that people consider to be different/unique and/or exceptional, and therefore beautiful. Likewise, (this may sound racist but) if you see another ethnicity in the media, since Caucasians are the majority of people shown, this new ethnicity is indeed different, and perhaps unique (maybe even exceptional!). But, as stated before, this does not mean they are beautiful.

      I have no problem with seeing your final product, but as it stands, I doubt that your efforts will sway my thoughts.

  3. This is amazing Joy! I was actually surprised by their initial answer because people that I know adore the more exotic look. I think the "blonde hair, blue eyes" type is the only 'traditional' things modern Americans have to hold on to and plan on keeping it that way...

  4. This entire idea really upsets me. You are basing your opinion and others off of something that we see on the outside. If "everyone is beautiful" and "it's on the inside that matters," then why are you taking the time and energy to put together something that merely highlights how ignorant you believe your peers are. Everyone is open to their own opinion, as are you, so I do not understand how you were "shocked" when you heard feedback from your friends, or why you felt the need to claim your personal opinion. As a journalism major, we learn from day one that by posting something public and informative, the writer must take themselves out of the equation. You in turn just appear to be ignorant, because you are saying that your race is prettier than others and are shocked that others do not agree. That in itself just makes this entire blog irrelevant and sickening.

    1. First off, this is MY blog. The fact that it is my blog entitles me to MY opinion. I am not posting for the behalf of some company or someone else. So that being so, I can put my " own self into the equation".

      Before you critique what I am doing, please wait for an outcome. You have absolutely no idea where I am taking this or what I found out during my journey.

      Again this is MY blog and I am free to post what I please. If you do not like what I post feel free to not read it.

      Do not claim me as an ignorant person because I am not. You in this case are the ignorant one because you do not know what this journey is leading to.

      I am sorry this upsets you, perhaps its because you are insecure. This simple harmless question should not be sickening and upsetting. I recommend perhaps seeing some type of psychologist or mental health professional to get to the bottom of your distress.

    2. Seeing as I was trying to have a mature conversation with someone whose attempt was to make an informative blog, I misunderstood that the author behind the blog was in fact mature. Calling people insecure and asking them to "seek a mental professional" is no way a mature way to handle someone whose opinion differs from yours. Good luck in the real world, where you will have to deal with people from all over who will not always agree with you. Simply attacking people will not get you anywhere. Good luck with the final touches on your experiment.

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